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 Postdocs wanted!


 Are you a smart and motivated postdoc-level researcher interested in doing cutting edge immunology research with other smart and motivated scientists, all while living in a beautiful place? Consider joining the Oberst Lab! Major funded research areas in which you could work include, but are not limited to: 


  • Tumor immunology: We study the effect of cell death engagement within the tumor microenvironment, and are working to create reagents to trigger immunologically beneficial cell death and innate immune signaling in tumors. See, e.g. Snyder et al., Science Immunology 2019.

  • Autoimmunity: Ongoing efforts seek to understand how inflammatory cell death pathways can be activated by self molecules, and how these events contribute to the pathology of autoimmune disease. Preliminary data on this project are super cool, so if this sounds interesting to you, get in touch for more info.


The successful applicant will join a dynamic and well-funded research team. The Oberst Lab is located in the heart of beautiful Seattle, where team members enjoy the highly collaborative environment of the University of Washington’s Department of Immunology and the Seattle area’s thriving research community. UW was recently ranked 6th in the world in the field of immunology.

The Oberst Lab and UW Dept. of Immunology are committed to personal development and mentorship. This is reflected by the excellent track record of Oberst Lab trainees in acquiring extramural fellowship support, publishing high-impact papers, and securing competitive positions in academia and industry. We are also committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We particularly welcome applications from scientists from historically underrepresented groups.  


Interested? Email Dr. Oberst (oberst[at]

What about the pandemic? We'll work with you to carry out interviews, site visits, and an eventual move to Seattle in the safest way possible.

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