The Oberst Lab studies how cells die, and how dying cells impact immunity.

One of our interests is in finding ways of killing cancer cells that activate the immune system. Therapies that achieve this would eliminate tumor cells while promoting beneficial immune attack on surviving cancer cells or distant metastases. 

Another focus of the lab is on activation of the "necroptotic cell death" pathway by viral infection in the central nervous system. We use quotation marks around "necroptotic cell death" because we've recently discovered that activation of this pathway in neurons doesn't kill them, but rather activates inflammatory and antiviral transcriptional signaling. We're interested in understanding these changes, as well as the broader question of how and why neurons resist programmed cell death.  

More details of our research interests can be found on the Research page. 

Postdoc Openings 

The Oberst Lab is currently looking for highly motivated postdoctoral fellows interested intaking on new research projects spanning cell biology, cancer immunology, and neuroimmunology.

Check out the flyer here, or head over to the Research page to read more about our what we do.


Interested? Qualified candidates are encouraged to send a CV and cover letter to oberstlab[at]