Thesis Defense! 

3.1.2019-DOCTOR Annelise Snyder, Ph.D., successfully defends her thesis, and is awarded a Ph.D. in Immunology by the University of Washington. Congrats Dr. Snyder!

(Seen here with the life-size cutout created by Nick Hubbard to celebrate the occasion.)

New Lab Member 

3.1.2019-The Oberst Lab welcomes Dr. Lan Chu as a new postdoctoral fellow. Lan did her graduate work at Northwestern, in the lab of Dr. Christian Stehlik. She is an expert on inflammasome activation. Welcome Lan!


1.15.2019-Brian Daniels is first author on a manuscript published in Immunity showing that the RIP kinases induce cell-autonomous restriction of flaviviruses in neurons by re-programming neuronal metabolism. This re-programming involves induction of the enzyme IRG1 and production of the metabolite itaconate. Check it out: The Nucleotide Sensor ZBP1 and Kinase RIPK3 Induce the Enzyme IRG1 to Promote an Antiviral Metabolic State in Neurons

Postdoc opening

1.7.2019-The Oberst Lab is looking for new postdoctoral fellows! You can check out the flyer here, or head over to the research page to read about some of our current projects. Qualified candidates are encouraged to send a CV and cover letter to oberstlab[at]

Rotation Student

1.7.2019-The Oberst Lab welcomes Immunology graduate student Cassidy Hagan for a rotation during Winter Quarter 2019. 


12.2019- Dr. Brian Daniels leaves the Oberst Lab to start his own research group in the Dept. of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Rutgers University. Congratulations Professor Daniels! See what Brian is up to at, or follow him @briandanielsli


10.31.18-Lab member Nick Hubbard wins an Immunology Dept. Best Costume award for his haunting portrayal of an Oompa Loompa. 


10.19.18-Dr. Michelle Messmer and Annelise Snyder are co-first authors on a review published in Cell Death & Differentiation titled "Comparing the effects of different cell death programs in tumor progression and immunotherapy." 

Funding award

9.16.18-Sigal Kofman is awarded support from the UW's Cellular and Molecular Biology training grant. Congrats Sigal!


8.15.18-Dr. Susana Orozco completes her graduate training and leaves the Oberst Lab. She's now a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Anthony Rongvaux at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

New lab member

7.1.18-Dr. Geoff Norris joins the Oberst Lab as a postdoc. Geoff's graduate training was carried out in the Kipnis Lab at UVA, where he focused on mechanisms of axon degeneration.

New lab member

6.18.18-The Oberst Lab welcomes Sigal Kofman as a new graduate student. 

Thesis defense

5.23.18-Susana Orozco successfully defends her thesis, titled 'RIPK3-dependent cytokines, a cellular "mayday" signal.' Congratulations Dr. Orozco!